Explore the topics covered in the Arithmetic operators lesson and enhance your programming skills by completing the included programming exercises.

Practice exercises


Sums squared

Write a program in Java that requests an integer x from the user and print the result of adding it to the square.


Multiplication of three factors

Write a program in Java that multiplies by three factors.


Division and division module

Write a program in Java that requests two integers from the user (x, y) and print the result of the division and the rest of the division on a new line.


Division by zero

Develop a Java program that prompts the user for two numbers (x and y) and displays the result of the division operation.


Basic calculator

Write a program in Java that calculates the result of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing two numbers entered by the user.


Calculate dimensions of sphere

Create a program in Java for calculate the surface and volume of a sphere, given its radius.


Order of priority

Understand the rules of operator precedence in Java and how they influence the results of your calculations.



Learn how to calculate the arithmetic mean of a set of numbers and how to use it in data analysis.


Equivalent operations

Explore how to perform equivalent mathematical operations to simplify expressions.


Celsius to Kelvin and Fahrenheit

The Celsius scale is centigrade, 100 divisions separate the freezing point from the boiling point of water.


Calculate values of a function

Apply your mathematical and programming knowledge to calculate function values in Java.

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