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Practice exercises



Write a program in Java that asks for a number (x) and a width to show a square of that width.



Write a program in Java that requests a number x and then displays a rectangle 3 columns wide and 5 rows high using that digit.


Triangle Rectangle

Write a program in Java that asks for a symbol and a width to paint a triangle of that width and height using that number to draw it.


Draw a hollow square

Write a program in Java that asks the user for a symbol and a width. You will use these to draw a hollow square of the given width and height.


Draw a hollow rectangle

Write a program in Java that asks the user for a symbol, a width and a height to draw a hollow rectangle with those dimensions.


Draw a parallelogram

Create a Java program to draw a parallelogram, with the width, height and character requested from the user.


Triangle Rectangle String

Write a program in Java that asks the user for a string and displays a right-aligned triangle.


Triangle Rectangle Mirror

Write a Java program similar to the triangle rectangle exercise. In this exercise, ask the user for two integers, the first is an integer x that is used to draw the area of ​​the right triangle on the screen.


Draw a pyramid

Create a Java program that asks the user for text and draws a pyramid on the screen.


Graphic of a Function

Create a program Java to draw the graphic of the function y=(x-4)² for a range of integer values of x requested from the user.

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