Explore the topics covered in the Flow controls: Loops lesson and enhance your programming skills by completing the included programming exercises.

Practice exercises


Char alphabet

Create a Java program that uses a `for` loop and `char` variables to display uppercase letters of the alphabet.


Multiplication table

Write a program in Java that asks the user for a number x and shows the result of his multiplication table from 1 to 10.


Product of a number

Create a Java program that prompts the user for two integer numbers and displays their multiplication using consecutive additions instead of the * operator.


Prime number

Develop a Java program that prompts the user to enter an integer and determine whether it is a prime number or not.


Descending odd numbers

Write a Java program that displays odd numbers from x to y in descending order.


Return change

Create a Java program that simulates a supermarket cash register to return change for a purchase.


Product of prime factors

Create a Java program that asks the user for an integer (x) and displays the product of its prime factors. Prime factors are prime numbers that exactly divide a number without leaving a remainder.


Using the while statement

Java Exercise: Multiply a number by 10 using the while statement. Practice loops in Java.


Using the do-while statement

Java exercise with do-while: Multiply a number by 10 until entering a negative number. Practice loops in Java.


Repeated number

Java program that repeats a number as many times as specified. Customize the number of repetitions.


Convert integer to binary and hexadecimal

Create a Java program that asks the user for an integer (x) and displays it in hexadecimal and binary.


Hexadecimal table from 0 to 255

Create a Java program that displays hexadecimal numbers from 0 to 255 in a table with 16 rows, each containing 16 numbers.


Range of numbers

Java exercise: Request a range of numbers (x, y) and display the numbers on the screen. Practice loops in Java.


Multiples numbers

Java program that displays numbers from 1 to 500 that are multiples of both 3 and 5. Enhance your Java skills with this number challenge.


Access control

Create a Java program that requests the user to enter a username and a password. It should repeat until the login is successful or reaches a maximum number of attempts.


Infinite divisions

Create a Java program that enables the user to input two numbers and displays the division along with the remainder. It will indicate when division by 0 is attempted and will exit if the first entered number is 0.


Infinite number sum

Java program that adds entered numbers until 0 is input and displays a completion message.


Infinite multiplication tables

Practice your Java skills by creating a program that generates and displays multiplication tables for a specified range of numbers.


Repetitive structures

Create a Java program that displays a range of numbers in three different ways. Strengthen your programming knowledge.


Digits in a number

Create a Java program to count the digits in a positive integer while handling negative numbers. Enhance your programming skills in Java.

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