Encrypt a BMP image

Thursday, October 26, 2023 Difficulty: Intermediate


Create a program in Java to encrypt an image in Windows bitmap format. First you should check that it is a valid .bmp image, checking the header data ''BM''. If it is a valid .bmp image then encrypt the image by inverting the first two bytes containing the mark ''BM'' by ''MP''.

You can use the advanced FileStream constructor to read and write at the same time.

It is a format of the Windows operating system. You can save images up to 24 bits (16.7 million colors).

The header of a BMP image is as follows:

Description Bytes
Type (BM) 0-1
Size 2-5
Reserved 6-9
Start of image data 10-13
Bitmap size 14-17
Width (pixels) 18-21
High (pixels) 22-25
Number of plans 26-27
Size of each point 28-29
Compression 30-33
Image size 34-37
Horizontal resolution 38-41
Vertical resolution 42-45
Table color size 46-49
Color counter 50-53




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