Create in memory database

Thursday, October 26, 2023 Difficulty: Intermediate


Create a Java program that creates a SQLite version 3 in memory database with two tables (Person and Teacher). Use the SQL statements in the entry to create the tables.

To connect to SQLite open a new in memory connection, then create a new command using the SQLiteCommand object and finally run the command once for each table.

Remember that to connect to SQLite you will need the reference of System.Data.SQLite, you can get it from official page or install it directly in your project using the Nuguet package manager, executing the following command in the console:

Install-Package System.Data.SQLite -Version 1.0.112

The connection string required to connect in memory is as follows:

Data Source=:memory:;Version=3;New=True;


create table person (name varchar(20), age int)
create table teacher (name varchar(20))




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Create a Java program that creates a version 3 SQLite database with two tables (Person and Teacher).


Create in memory database

Create a Java program that creates a SQLite version 3 in memory database with two tables (Person and Teacher).


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